jon taylor

I find the process of selling myself very awkward.  I have never been good at this part of the business. This is because I am not by nature a salesperson. I am a researcher. And I love objectivity. So, I have collected some quotes from people I have worked with, and this is what they say.

“Jon knows how to conduct research. He provides clear insights, great value, and enthusiasm in equal measures. And he always tells it like it is…clearly and simply. He understands human behaviour and has been an invaluable resource over the years”
Andy Hobsbawm
Chairman Europe

“I had absolutely no desire to research our idea but when Jon was finished I was delighted - and relieved - that we had. Jon constructed the research sensitively, conducted it enthusiastically and gave us not just a debrief but a brilliantly complete but compact guide to how the brand should and shouldn't connect with its audiences. If Jon didn't support Spurs I would recommend him very, very highly.”
Naresh Ramchandani

“I could say Dreamtime Research were easy to work with, interested in our product, and skilful, which is all true, but the fact of the matter is that we care an awful lot about getting back the millions we pour into developing a videogame results in something that sells, so that’s why we use them. We have to get it right”
Klaude Thomas
MD Eidos Studios Hungary

I’d be happy to give you a quote. The things that strike me that you are excellent at are:
1. overall understanding of what the business decision is that needs to be made and specifically how research fits in to running the business not as an exercise in itself
2. Design for decision making
3. Moderation specifically an acute understanding of consumer thinking in real life
4. Reporting for decision making
5. Challenging management appropriately to make the choices that often are required - both during at the end of research.
Sophie Price
Price Associates

"dreamtime research has been excellent at finding a needle in a haystack and, in addition, at interviewing it. Jon has run some excellent car clinics for us, well organized, well analysed, and above all, done by a team of passionate guys really involved in the product"
Eric Fouquier
MD Thema Research Paris

"dreamtime research are an excellent partner to work with providing invaluable and well thought through analysis of complicated markets... I'd recommend them to anyone..."
Jim Oliver
MD Proteus Research

“Working with Jon was the only pleasure in an otherwise difficult project, which he handled with professionalism and sensitivity”
Jenny Gavin
Facts UK

“Jon is a pleasure to work with, and a great moderator. His approach with respondents puts them at ease. He ensures respondents say what they think and feel (which can be positive or critical) and he will challenge respondents. We have clients who request him. THIS INCLUDES ADVERTISING AGENCIES WHO TRUST HIM WITH THEIR ADS  Whatever they throw at him and whoever he’s talking to, nothing seems to faze him.”
Jane Fiori of Fiori Nash

“You’re a big bloke but you’re out of shape sit down I do this for a living”  Michael Caine (not about Jon but some of it fits)
Jon is about 5 11